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Biography of Purna kurnar Sherpa (Pk) he is one person who born in east of Nepal from third high peak of the world Kanchenjanga. He is honest , punctual, helpful, peace, social, spiritual. Natural lover etc. He has a lot of experience of tourism and documentaries . he used to see a lot of dreams form his childhood and fulfilling too . He has always positive think , never think negative to everything like animal, plants, etc . He had got many problems he is still bearing those things but never tired he want be like mountain there are a lot of windy , rain, flood on the mountain doesn’t deprecation like that pk is like that, he loves to education he want to practical education not only theory , theory and practical both want to make equal for example he is working in tourism field and he is studying Bachelor in tourism studies (BTS)up to come this place. To come he did differents work for earn money and studies like weaving basketball , umbrella of bamboo for sell, digging field of another people earn money from there that money spent for study .

Purna He said about him himself “I was this earth on 22th August 1978 since the time of my childhood I have been straggling to situation, to learn and achieve I remember those days when I was a child and had to do all the works myself my family couldn’t afford my tuition cost , so I had to straggle and earn something for my study I knew was to make some woodcrafts useful in the villages and we commonly used “doko” and “ghums” to name them . Besides , I used to in other peoples farmland to earn money for my studies. I did manage to do them however perhaps god didn’t want to me complete my study . so I had to drop my studies after grade 8 and I came to Kathmandu with my relatives and had to straggle a lot I tried some laborious staffs , tried everything that lower class person does to sustain in Kathmandu I worried as porter for the same person who brought me to Kathmandu & showed ma a path. But I had to feeling that I should be academically successful. If I want to do something in this world. So I want to back to my village and passed my S.L.C. I did pass my S.L.C. and then it was time to return to Kathmandu that is what every S.L.C. graduate outside the capital does I had to work as before this time I got a better job then before at least I didn’t have to work outside . I worked in a carpet industry as weaving carpet was a matter of interest, as a part time job, I got job of a teacher and learner , I trained some people about the formal studies that we must have these days at least . It made me happy because I was the one who made them ble to sign on a paper only after reading the content. After 8 years of S.L.C. graduation, I stared my studies again and some how managed to do my intermediate in management being Nepali . I thought that I should promote tourism and that was the reason why I worked as a porter for tourist. I started as a porter in tourism. Spare , kitchen was the next step , cook followed then and I came out as a guide , participated in several training program, chicken farm, vegetable farm and got chance to be high altitude shooter some of my friends and myself formed an NGO named “ Friends of save the Himalayas” and lunched a programme “Extreme Everest Expedition 2010” it was a campaign to clean the mountains above 8000m” death Zone” I have captured the videos myself I was a social worker too. I worked as a secretary at in “ Nirvana path” and was one among the founder.

PurnaIt is an organization with more then 10 million members (yatris ) in entire world . it come out as a chance for me to summit stay 8 hours 27 minutes the Mt, Everest for the second time. “ prayer meditation and request for the world peace on the top of the world “ was the name of the expedition.

I have been involved in making several documentaries of village, tourism sector etc even on the life of the general people . I have made matures of documentaries about Nepal and Nepalese. Still I am working on it as well tourism travels and adventures. One main vision of my documentaries is to make people aware about the status of Nepali and Nepali people. I have tried to focus fore on the social problems, poverty and patriotism.

I have been trained world famous entrepreneurs like Shiva kheda, Rajesh Agrawal etc .Based on these trainings and based on my experience, what I feel is we should think positively , without any discrimination on the basis of cast , face or religion etc . I believe nature is God and I learn everything from Nature.

Social work has always been a matter of interest formed. So , being a social animal I felt like doing something for the society and this company is inevitable parts all profit will be used for social work and help the back of poverty .

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